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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this program only focus on second mortgages?

  We wanted to create something specific to one facet of the industry. Most other programs try to fit everything into one software package, very often losing focus on what the end-user needs. 

How many loans can I create?

There's an unlimited amount of loans you can work within the program. 

Can I import files from another program into Note Emporium?

We offer a service that can take your exported files and import them into Note Emporium. Contact us by email to get more information and for a quote.

What platform is the program run on?

Note Emporium is run on a combination of Microsoft Excel, Word and Access.

Can I make copies of the program?

  Unfortunately, not. The program is designed for only one license and has been encrypted to prevent copying. If you are interested in getting multiple licenses, please contact us. 

What if I want to make suggestion?

We would love that!  Feel free to email us at  info@noteemporium.com with your comments, suggestions or fix requests. We'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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